We wanted a place to share our favorite vintage finds.

We love thrifting and hunting for vintage. Anybody who enjoys that way of shopping understands the thrill of uncovering something truly special and rare. You get excited, and you just want to share that enthusiasm with other people. We became so passionate about the idea of sharing our finds with others that we absolutely had to open an Etsy store!

When it came time to choose a name and a concept we were inspired by the late great Amy Winehouse. Amy wasn't like anybody else, and she had a sense of style that reflected that. She had a special way of paying tribute to the past while being modern, relevant, and exciting all at the same time. Amy inspired us to be bold, and for that reason we chose her to be our brand's namesake.

We are so excited to share our finds with you. Welcome to our closet.

With Thanks,
The Wishful Amy Team

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